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Posted on October 1, The Elfina detangling hair brush is the ultimate hair brush for healthy and pain-free brushing, for adults or children. It is is available with or without a handle to accommodate either preference.

Natural Wooden Hair Brush – pureGLO Bamboo Bristle Detangling Hairbrush for Women Men and Kids - Reduce Frizz, Massage Scalp for Straight Curly Wavy Dry Wet Thick or Fine Hair (Oval).
Wet Dry Brush with a plush toy attached to it, to make brushing hair more fun and encouraging for kids!
While you can use this on dry hair, the self-anointed “best detangling brush ever” in fact, DOES do its best work on a damp head. The secret is in the bristles, which have just enough give to keep from tearing at the strands, but are also firm enough to break through the worst knots.
Hair loss in children is responsible for an estimated 3% of pediatric office visits in the U.S. Whether your child has thinning hair or distinct bald spots, the loss of hair can be frightening.
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1. Epique Beauty Detangling Brush

Made to be used on wet hair (even in the shower) this brush helps work hair treatments like conditioners and serums into hair so they're evenly distributed from roots to ends. Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash Detangling Hairbrush, $16, disborunmaba.ga

The original Knot Genie has been creating thankful parents and kids for years, but the biggest complaint was the no-handle design, while great for adults, can be a little awkward for tiny-kid hands. This is the same awesome Knot Genie with an added handle. If you love the Knot Genie but your hands have difficulty gripping this is a great solution.

It has multi-height, pointed bristles to gently separate knots. The bristles are short, so those with thicker hair will want to section their locks out. The brush has a very light feel to it, just like the original Knot Genie. This brush comes in princess fuchsia color as well as green , and metallic silver. A completely unique solution to snarled hair, the GranNaturals Detangling Wooden Bristle Hair Brush keeps the traditional paddle brush design but with thick wooden pins for bristles.

The thickness and distance between pins keep the brush from snagging and the smooth texture of the wood helps it glide through knots, gently separating the strands of hair. This one is much smaller than a lot of the other brushes, making it perfect to throw in a purse for travel.

The wide set bristles make this great for thick, curly, or coiled hair. Cone-shaped bristles confront knots at two angles, but the Tame the Mane comes at them from all angles. It sounds like it would create more tangles than help but this brush basically shakes the knots apart. It works amazingly with thicker and kinky hair. For hair that tends to get matted, this is indispensable.

If your current brushing routine is taking forever, this can significantly cut that time down. The Mason Pearson Detangler Hair Brush has a traditional paddle brush design but each tuft of bristles contains four pure nylon bristles—two tall and two short to create a multi-height surface. The nylon is very flexible and paddle has a thick layer of cushion to protect even the most sensitive scalps.

The bristles are longer than most other detangling brushes, allowing them to move through more layers of hair faster while the flexible bristles keep it from snagging. Mason Pearson is about the most trusted name in hair brushes. If what you want is top of the line quality, this is it. The Tangle Teezer got rid of the handle because it forces us to change the way we brush our hair.

The natural way we hold the handle for normal brushes, the bristles contact our hair at an angle and exert greater force on one part and much less on the other, over-stressing the hair and breaking it. Holding your brush directly over the bristles gives you better control and subconsciously tricks us into being gentler.

The Salon Elite has an improved ergonomic grip to the Original Tangle Teezer making it easier to work with. It has thin, flexible plastic bristles that are arranged with staggered heights.

Even the longest bristles are much shorter than your average brush making you brush smaller sections of your hair at a time, keeping it from snagging and yanking. Its flexible bristles are great at preventing breakage and reducing painful snags, but it also means they can be a little less durable with long term use. This one is best for fragile hair, and thin to medium-thick hair.

I love looking at this brush. If I was a kid, this is the brush I would pick out, but I was all about rainbow unicorns back in the day just kidding, I still am. This unique squiggle bristle approach has the benefit of having built-in flexibility of bristles and the longer length helps get through thicker hair.

It will work on thin hair, but this brush really shines with curly, thick, and naturally coarse hair. It works great both wet and dry, and the mirror is a cute touch, but is too small to be that useful. Her father was also an inventor, so Lizzy understood the challenges of raising funds to launch a new product. Many people these days turn to Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but Lizzy had a much more novel idea.

This windfall became the seed money to produce a market-ready version of her product, which she named Tangle Pets. The successful rollout of Tangle Pets led Lizzy to another idea. Not only were her children developing good hygiene habits, the ritual of hair brushing became a chance to build a positive self-image. Tangle Puppy is adventurous and loves exploring, while Tangle Ladybug is an artist who wants to make the world a more colorful place.

The brushes are easily removable from the plush, which is machine washable. Learn More Buy from Amazon. Read on Mobile Enter Reading Mode.

Posted on October 1,

Shop for kids hair brushes online at Target. Free shipping on purchases over $35 and save 5% every day with your Target REDcard. Natural Wooden Hair Brush – pureGLO Bamboo Bristle Detangling Hairbrush for Women Men and Kids - Reduce Frizz, Massage Scalp for Straight Curly Wavy Dry Wet Thick or Fine Hair (Oval). Find great deals on eBay for kids hair brushes. Shop with confidence.