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SlutWalk is a transnational movement of protest marches calling for an end to rape culture, including victim blaming and slut shaming of sexual assault victims. Specifically, participants protest against explaining or excusing rape by referring to any aspect of a woman's appearance. The rallies began on April 3, , in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, after a Toronto Police officer suggested that.
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The appeal court ruled Dewar did not properly assess the credibility of the accused and the alleged victim in reaching his verdict. Rhodes was sentenced to three years in prison in The first Slutwalk was organized in Toronto, Ontario, on April 3, Media also has to get behind this idea. The day began with speeches before moving to the Toronto Police Headquarters. The invitation in Slutwalk Toronto website also warned: Singles, couples, parents, sisters, brothers, children, friends.

On May 25, , a new Slutwalk was organized in Toronto. There were fewer participants than the previous occurrence, although the presence of men was more noticeable. Outfits ranged from sneakers and tank tops to bikinis to costumes. Some attendees went topless. A delegation from the Abbey of the Divine Wood, a Toronto mission of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence , manifested in their nuns habits and carried signs including one which read: At Queen's Park, several speakers took the stage—a multi purpose truck—and delivered speeches, some of them spontaneous testimonies.

A few paid tribute to the memory of Toronto sex workers' rights activist Wendy Babcock , who took part in the first Slutwalk and died on August 9, , at the age of There were also multiple shows of support for Cece McDonald , a Minneapolis transgender woman facing a month prison sentence for stabbing and killing a man after being harassed and slashed across the face.

According to Rebecca Cheff, one of the organizer of the SlutWalk, "the goal is to walk towards the police station and speak to [the police officers] about victim blaming and to raise awareness as they're the frontline worker in sexual assault scenarios. The phrase "still not asking for it" has become a rally cry behind many of these protests and has also been posterized on the bodies of men and women at these walks worldwide.

Vanessa Oliver, a professor of Sociology and faculty organizer of the SlutWalk, stated, "We have had enough of this slut shaming idea [ Two protesters dressed in morphsuits participating in the protest also said, "As men we can also create awareness". All over the world, women are constantly made to feel like victims, told they should not look a certain way, should not go out at night, should not go into certain areas, should not get drunk, should not wear high heels or make-up, should not be alone with someone they don't know.

Not only does this divert attention away from the real cause of the crime — the perpetrator — but it creates a culture where rape is OK, where it's allowed to happen. In a feminist movement that is often fighting simply to hold ground, SlutWalks stand out as a reminder of feminism's more grass-roots past and point to what the future could look like. It has been compared to the s movement Take Back the Night also known as Reclaim the Night , which promoted marches to raise awareness and protest against violence against women; although some tension between the two movements has been noted.

As with SlutWalk, it asserted women's right to be on the street at night without it being considered an invitation to rape. To a lesser extent, it has been compared to activist groups like FEMEN , the Ukrainian women's group, [34] and Boobquake , [35] an atheistic and feminist response to Iran's Hojatoleslam Kazem Seddiqi who blamed women who dress immodestly for causing earthquakes.

Both integrate nudity and protest. Amber Rose is an American socialite famous for her outspokenness concerning feminism and her relationships with other celebrities, such as Kanye West. She notes on her website that she did not start the SlutWalk, though "she is bringing more awareness to this matter by educating the public. The SlutWalk holds many activities, including: The event was also named "The March for Consent" the event was held in Detroit's "Gayboorhood" due to the high violence rate against Transgender Women in the area.

The first SlutWalk in Melbourne took place on May 28, An estimated people rallied in front of the Victorian State Library and marched through Melbourne defending how women, men, and children should dress without fear of being sexually assaulted. The organizers advised to wear whatever they chose to convey one message: Or none of us are. It's a stupid, meaningless concept anyway. Pickering hosts Cherchez La Femme, talk show of current affairs and pop culture with a feminist flair.

Natasha Smith specializes in queer rights and mental health organizations. Clair is a retail sex toy and sexual health consultant. She has run fundraisers in Melbourne for women services. Bastow is a feminist author, music critic, and radio host. In an interview with Fairfax newspapers she said, "I've spent my entire life being judged for my appearance and sexuality. I'm sexual, I have sex, I enjoy sex. I'm not going to be ashamed. Feminist writer Dr Cannold started her speech with the greeting, "Hey you sluts".

Throughout her speech, Dr. Cannold described the origin and meaning of the word slut stemming from the Middle Ages and its effect in the twenty-first century. Those who throw it at us are trying to take us back to the Middle Ages.

A time where women were what men said they could be. A slut is used by some boys and some men and even some ecologist women to put women down. When those who use the word slut, what they mean is the same. The Swiss movement was created in August , by women from Geneva and Lausanne. Since then, the collective organised four marches and other events.

Researchers Jessica Ringrose and Emma Renold interviewed members of a self-organized 'girl power' group in a school in Cardiff, Wales. The aims of the group of Year 8 age 13 and above students had evolved to the delivery of personal social health and economic education PHSE lessons to younger students in the school. When asked about the 'SlutWalk', planned for Cardiff in a few weeks time, it led to "an uncomfortable silence, uneasy smiles and raised eyebrows from the two women teachers leading the group.

On the day of the march 4 June , however, a number of the girls did turn up with their mothers and met up with their teachers.

The first march was held on 4 June , attended by approximately people. In all countries, Slutwalks were repeated annually at least once, although not always in the same cities. Some protests selected their dates to match significant events such as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women [67] [68] and the World Youth Day. There were interactions noted between the organizers in different countries.

Organizers from Argentina had previously contacted their counterparts in Mexico and Venezuela through social networks, and artist Adriana Minolitti participated in Mexican Slutwalks before becoming an organizer herself at Buenos Aires.

They were, in turn, contacted by organizers in Bolivia and Uruguay to get assistance. Alert, the sluts are walking down Latin America! All protests shared the rejection of Sanguinetti's sayings, and some of them were also directed to local state authorities [77] [85] and Catholic church representatives [86] whose public comments reinforced gender stereotypes and violence against women. Costumes representing Catholic characters were also found across different countries, [69] [75] and many protests demanded a secular State and pointed at the Catholic church as the reason for women's rights to be held back.

Some protests evolved into permanent organizations, which kept working throughout the whole year to fight violence against women , [63] [88] and participated or organized events other than the typical Slutwalks to raise awareness on sexual assault.

It was planned to be held on the 9th of July, but due to another important event called "Hope Bus to Hanjin Heavy Industries", Slutwalk Korea postponed the event until the next week. The date of the event is same in India, but because of the time difference, the first slutwalk in Asia was held in Seoul. The second slutwalk in South Korea was held on July 28, It is about the recognition of women as individuals with certain fundamental rights, including that of safety and personal choices, which no one, not even the family, can violate.

The estimated number of protesters was around To ensure that no untoward incident took place, police personnel were deployed all around the area. When we leave our homes, even we are not sure whether we will return safely or not," said a police constable on the condition of anonymity.

Actress and social activist Nafisa Ali was present. It's an issue of mindset. If a boy can go out at two in the morning, so can a girl," she said. Trishala Singh, one of the organisers, said in reference to the number of participants: A good number of people turned up to support the cause and I am happy with it.

I know one walk can't change the mindset of people but it will at least be a beginning. Another Slutwalk was held in Kolkata on May 24, , gathering around people. As described by the Times of India , young girls walked in all kinds of dresses right from sari and salwar kameez to jeans and skirts. At the end of the rally, artists from Fourth Bell Theatre group performed short plays and recited poetries on sexual abuse written by famous Urdu poet Saadat Hassan Manto and Bengali writer Mahasweta Devi.

A new Slutwalk took place at Kolkata on June 7, The walk started at Jadavpur University and continued until Triangular Park. Many participants had 'slut' painted on their bodies in bright colors. Sulakshana, Jadavpur University student and organizer over two consecutive years, said that she intended Slutwalks to be an annual affair in the city.

Sayan, another of the organizers said, "We are under no political banner. This is a gender inclusion movement, catering to all. Previous to the first Slutwalk, a public exchange between the organisers and the local authorities took place, regarding the particularly strict laws on streets demonstrations. Organizers stated there was no need for a permission to hold the protest, while the police sustained the global nature of the movement and expected presence of foreigners made it necessary.

Finally, on November 30, a permit was approved for the Slutwalk to take place at a free-speech park called Speakers' Corner. Social critic and gay rights activist Alex Au commented on the issue: None of the mostly female crowd attended in revealing clothing, though some did wear skirts above the knee. Others wore T-shirts protesting against blaming rape victims on the grounds of their outfits or because they had been drunk or flirting.

SlutWalks have occurred in cities around the world. The first actual SlutWalk took place in Tel Aviv on March 22, attended by several hundred women and a few sympathizing men. The idea was then taken up by activists in other cities, including Jerusalem, Haifa and Beersheba. In events took place in the same four cities. The number of both women and men participants has increased greatly, apparently due to increased media coverage, as well as an Internet campaign which went viral via Facebook.

The marches were not without obstacles: I haven't yet found the photos of Melanie wearing this, but I'm sure if you dig, you will find them. You will see the pattern in the gown under lights, but it may also show up in photos as plain black. When Princess Kate got engaged she wore the now famous sapphire blue wrap dress. Within seconds it sold out. I would have kept this for myself, but I'm a bit too buxom for it and I don't have the top celebrity fearlessness. I love these plunging necklines on smaller busted women.

Excellent condition except for the tiny two spots at lower back see photo. Will they come out? Very possibly, but I leave that to you. See additional photos to see the other celebrities in the similar Issa dresses. LOVE the turquoise color! Looks great on everyone! It's a basic slightly sheer black with a "snakeskin" thin trim on the huge bow and the wide wrapped waist. The shoulder bodice with nice draping There's a knee length silk skirt under with a long side trained organza skirt over attached with that huge bow.

They were NOT cheap to purchase when new! And that is no surprise. Check out the interior bodice on this piece Love the changeable taffeta fabric The bubble overskirt over the straight skirt under with beaded applique which matches the applique across the gathered bodice.

This WILL attract compliments! Disregard the size Medium tag I haven't found a photo of Melanie wearing this piece, but it was worn It totally blends in with the pattern of the hand-painted floral silk. Interesting shape of a sleeveless cape which can be worn many different ways Great bathing suit cover up or wear over just about anything.

Can also be used as a regular scarf. Even now, I find it thrilling to have found something this incredible. Gorgeous enough for a museum. Check out the close-up photos to see the detail. The trim is a black Mongolian curly lamb, and the coat is lined in a heavy black faux fur for warmth.

The coat is quite heavy and warm! Comes with the original matching wide belt with leather tie. Excellent condition just 2 hooks missing As it's of the late 60s, early 70's So best for you to be smaller than the measurements.

Also Listed in the Furs, etc. You know if you saw this in a s Vogue ad, the girl would be wearing white go-go boots and a vinyl hat with the white Courreges Eskimo glasses which I happen to have for sale as well at: Fairly heavy weight pieces in what seems to be a cotton blend?

This suit weighs an astonishing FIVE pounds!!! The trim, breast pockets and belt are a canary yellow heavy ribbed fabric. The only issue is one extremely light small spot found on the lower skirt back see photo and the fact that the belt needs a cleaning. The skirt is slight hip-hugger, A-line and seems the zipper is to be worn in the front!!!

Also Listed in the Museum Category. So you don't need to wear this many petticoats, but I wanted to give you an idea of how much material is in this skirt! If you click on the photo at left to see how it looks without any petticoats none come with it. The skirt is lovely as it's "tiered" with stitching and minor shirring. The wide waist and halter top gives this the coveted "Marilyn Monroe" look.

Otherwise, you might need to get creative and cover with a long flowing ribbon or something There are no tags sadly, but just think Jean Shrimpton if you are too young to know her, then please google her. If it does, you WIN!!! Calvin designed for various Seventh Avenue fashion houses for five years before launching his own line of coats in This could be one of his first pieces!!

Bright purple cotton velvet double-breasted trench maxi coat!! You can wear the neckline 3 different ways There is a very long 33" slit at the back to ad walking. There are real pockets under the flaps of course. The only issue is that the original belt is missing. Obviously it's very wearable without a belt So sweet, classy and "Audrey Hepburn" from the front Obviously best for those girls who can get away with going braless that's NOT me.

I tried to photograph this so you can see the fringe detail Black thin crepe material. Great LBD from the 's. Isn't that what vintage is all about?? This jacket could SO easily been assumed to be a Balenciaga jacket from the s. The only way you know it isn't is because the tags are modern. The boxy tulip shape is classic Balenciaga Wild wide "belt" at mid back!

Wonderful sparkling rhinestone buttons are decorative as the jacket closes with three snaps up the front. The sign of an expensive jacket is the attention to detail. The textured fabric is used on a diagonal to match the shape of the jacket Up to 38" bust but marked size Ilie Wacs was a celebrated coat designer. He just passed away at age 86 in September , but he left "an indelible mark on the history of fashion.

He was the head designer from through among the ranks of other great Originala designers Marc Bohan and Louis Dell'Olio. The kind of item that you will treasure in your closet. I added the black satin sash belt A sash like this will make it look like the smoking jacket. A regular belt will make it look more like a coat or coatdress. Rhinestone belt for another look. Practically one size fits all! I was told this was worn by Miss California during the Miss America pagent. It DOES look incredibly cute on, but seems a wacky story.

Get out the slippers and black satin pants! This was likely a man's smoking jacket, but equally terrific for a woman.

And because it's just a wrap style, will fit nearly everyone It can easily be worn large. Shown on a size 6 mannequin, she looks comfy, don't you think?

I just tried this on myself, and I look damn good in it as well! I should never try anything on, as I wonder if I should just keep it. Luckily the arms are way too long for me at 5'2" so I would need to tailor it, so The jacket is claret red with a gold circular brocade design.

It has black satin lining, lapel, and cuffs. The belt doesn't come with it Front pockets with black border. Excellent condition with just some very light scuff marks on satin and extremely minor pulls.

I'm being extremely picky!!! Would make a great gift! Could even be used by a woman as an outerwear jacket because it will be big enough to fit a sweater underneath. Check out the bodice first Strapless gown with matching chiffon scarf to be worn however you wish. I always like this look, but that's just me. The skirt on this gown is column shaped, not a wide flowing chiffon, so looks great on you smaller gals as it will not overwhelm you!

Excellent condition probably just worn once. Back double zipper yes, very well made! The material has a lovely, ethereal quality. Sadly it's a small size, but for those lucky gals, it's perfect! Labeled size 2, but sizes keep changing!!

There is one issue OK, I have your attention so you won't think this is my normal perfect condition piece. So your options are: You'll see this in the last 3 photos click on gown at left to see these.

You'll see some water spot discolorations at the hemline, and harder to see is the skirt side that is lightly discolored down side. If you look at the 3rd photo of the side of the gown, you will see how light it is Meanwhile, this is obviously a fabulous color and fabulous strapless gown.

LOVE the back velvet bows!!!! Would be listed for much more if perfect. Even Oscar De La Renta is going back to this theme! Pair with a pink cardigan sweater and you can wear this to a wedding you'll look smashing! It's as beautiful as a peppermint!! Side double zipper yes, very well made! The material is a lovely weight satin. This will NOT overwhelm you!

Can you tell I'm in love with it?? Do you hate to dress up for the Xmas party but still want to look smashing, yet comfortable??

Or are you the boss and want to remain professional at your company Holiday party? Or are you like me and you are just always cold, so want to be covered at the next Winter party? From the estate of the wealthy NYC woman comes this very wearable black tank top and matching cardigan covered all over with tiny black beads. This is the high-end black label Donna Karan.

And as a typical New Yorker, most everything in her wardrobe was black. BOTH items can be worn showing the beaded side, or with the labels removed, plain black side.

Wear however you want. Wear to work with the black side showing and reverse for your evening! Any tiny tiny beads missing will not be missed. Think finest knitted silk. Will give a subtle glitter all over due to the black beads. Also Listed in the Furs, Etc.

Black Tiny Beaded Camisole! From the estate of the wealthy NYC woman comes this very wearable black beaded camisole. This came with the beaded cardigan and tank as you see above, but this cami has no label, so I have no idea if it's also a Donna Karan, but looks great with the beaded cardigan above.

Excellent condition with just a bit of "messiness" at the straps with some missing beads. Just give it a little "haircut". The back is stretchy to fit you properly, so this is meant to be worn with a jacket or sweater over I would say. Closes at back with hooks and eyes like a longline bra. Even looks adorable OVER a blouse or even a t-shirt or turtleneck if you are fashion forward!

You can find a few of these here and there, but this is by FAR the best looking one I've seen. The print is a "novelty" print with music notes, "Le Matin" newspaper a Parisian newspaper discontinued in , a large pipe, a vase with leaves A very similar dress even with the inverted pleats in the skirt is listed for sale in an advertisement in a Texas newspaper dated March 31, see photos. Most people list these Holly Hoelscher shirtwaist dresses as "'s", but most, I believe, are from the early to mid 's.

No surprise, as you can see and feel the quality of this silk and the construction with the sheer lining Balenciaga used linings like that! Hidden buttons at front.

I've said it before I will say it again I love whimsy in fashion. I love fun Moschino! I haven't ever seen this dress before. But the words, boldly printed in black, made the dress anything but simple. Wear with a white trench jacket and you will be runway ready!

This dress came from an estate of a wealthy NYC women who had only the best high-end pieces. Excellent condition with the most minor minor minor minor how many times do I have to write this for you to believe me spots on the white embroidery see photos.

These can probably be cleaned by drycleaner. Back photo is lightened to see back zipper. I love finding something I've not seen before and I've seen a lot of fashion!

Gradient purple jacket features lightening bolts, nighttime cityscape, and incredible lucite bubble buttons that have tiny lightening scenes inside you will also see my 3 lights in the reflection!! Marked size 6 US. Up to 36" bust, up to 31" waist, up to 40" hips, 27" long. This coat is SOOO cool, as the neckline can be worn up in a modified funnel, or down with wide lapel. Closes with large snaps in doublebreasted shape. Excellent condition, except for what looks like a horizontal scratch at back see photo.

As simple as design you can get, but from the era when Oleg Cassini was the King of Fashion. When he was so "hot" And then going on to become engaged to Grace Kelly. This was a man firmly smack in the middle of the most fashionable life of the 'ss. This dress is perfection of simplistic design. Now if only this dress was in perfect condition All tiny, but there Priced to reflect condition. Extreme high-end fashion back to This dress is a fairly basic "secretary" dress in a blue and black silk print with unique rolled shoulders!!

The black belt is just a black ribbon I used for show Or do whatever you want The elastic in the waist should be replaced if you are a smaller waist as it's all stretched out Excellent condition except for the extremely light and minor abrasions or fading in the silk see photos A laboratory and showcase for fresh design talent, Paraphernalia led a new epoch in fashionable New York.

Founder Paul Young chose a motley group for his original design team: In the later 60s, many more Paraphernalias opened. By then, most of the original designers had left the flagship store, and Paraphernalia franchise died out in the late 70s. Diana Dew was best known for her electric dresses.

This dress is highly collectible and desirable for the classic 's psychedelic print. I've seen quite a few Paraphernalia dresses that are pretty boring. All it needs is a plastic chain belt slung at the hips. The hem looks like it was shortened, but could be taken back down again. It WAS the s after all I hemmed up everything of mine too Extremely minor spots hidden in the design see photos.

Who is Lila Acheson Wallace? I have to admit, I didn't know her name either, but just to give you an idea of her great wealth, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art MET in New York City inaugurated the Lila Acheson Wallace Wing to permanently house and exclusively devoted to 20th-century art. During her long association with the museum, she was one of its single greatest benefactors. In addition, in she was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Richard Nixon, and in , she was posthumously awarded the National Medal of Arts.

She died in I was recently lucky enough to get a few of her pieces This one is a long pink and gold metallic brocade dress with brilliant sparkling!!! Simple design of almost achingly beautiful material. In near mint condition.

Photo of that dress is shown on their online collection! Oh, and Lila Wallace was famous and important enough in to be on the front cover of Time Magazine!!! Comes with COA from Antiquedress. Please read the description above.

Yet another lovely piece, but has some issues. Just slightly tired waistband, and the skirt has some water spotting and a few other spots. Possibly cleanable by a high-end cleaner. Hand bound seams inside. Oh, the ivory Mainbocher blouse is available as well, but being sold separately One of the last dresses from the Dupont estate collection.

Simple shape design fitted square neck sleeveless bodice and slightly gathered long skirt with gorgeous woven gold, turquoise and teal "sari" design at lower skirt. Many of her gowns were designed with a similar look Mainbocher popularized the Indian sari fabrics in the s.

In Excellent condition with the exception of one teeny little mark on the breast see photo and ever so slight fading?? Or just normal to the raw silk fabric. And this dress is just another reason why. I am not usually an orange lover, but this one dress may have single-handedly changed my mind about that.

Love this sheer bold 60s print over an another sheer orange lining. High boat neckline, simple shape dress with the wide scallop hemline all ruffled with bows at the sides.

Great little summer dress! This gorgeous, lavish s cocktail dress is an absolute eye popper and, I'm told, it came from the wardrobes of Paramount, however there are no labels inside. Certainly beautiful enough to believe it! It has definitely been worn so MAY be found in a movie or two They really are incredible!

This dress is heavy and as photographed all jewels and rhinestones are present one is loose and they are encrusted all the way around the upper rear of the dress. The skirt is also covered along with rhinestones and glass beads a couple rhinestones missing on the skirt. In true Hollywood glamour, this cocktail dress is beautifully made with silk chiffon which beautifully compliments the huge sparkling prong set rhinestones.

It is fully lined in silk. Replaced brown nylon zipper to the side. There are no main rhinestones missing although there are few 2mm wide ones missing from the edge which you will only see if you are staring.

The dress is EXCELLENT condition with the exception of the chiffon snags to the back upper skirt and upper back where the rhinestones caught on fabric when stored, and other snags here and there. The skirt also has a few seams that are slightly unstitched not a big deal at all!

Silver snaps, safety pins, hooks, zippers with "O" ring pulls, and a few Swarovski crystals for good measure. The sleeves have zippers that open, and there are two diagonal zippers on the bust, and ones at the pockets And yes, it actually zips! With original hang tag still attached to zipper pull. Labeled size 12 USA. Pretty incredible silk material! It's ever so slightly stretchy amazingly of a gold and ivory silk paper-thin fabric with fantastic "daisy" enameled buttons at front, puffy sleeves and wide great pointed cuffs.

The best of the best! Elegant and glitzy at the same time. Dress it down with jeans, or dress it up for evening. Great piece to have in you closet! If you prefer to be a bit more sedate, use the pieces and mix and match in your wardrobe! Great simple straight below knee skirt can be shortened if you prefer, so worn in this "ladylike" length.

The jacket is very s And then comes the matching leopard silk belt also covered with the clear sequins and a flat buckle at front! Excellent condition except the lining that has reddened and has ever so slight tearing just at the waist snaps The exterior will need the occasional "haircut" She wore many suits and blouses, but had a few dresses.

Massive balloon sleeves of black silk taffeta matching the tie at waist to bow or tie as you like , all over the simple black velvet dress with plunging "v" neckline to show off some cleavage! I have stuffed the sleeves a bit, so you can do the same to puff up. Hidden side metal zipper.

If you are smaller than these measurements, the dress will look great as well. You can unbaste in 2 seconds if you dare wear it that low. Andrea Odicini is absolutely revered and is considered by Italian women who know couture to rank along side, or even above, Valentino even HE is known to pay Odicini great homage!! From a wealthy Genoese family, he was able to pick and chose his clientele.

If he did not like you, or if he thought that you did not understand fabrics and construction, he would not design for you! When he moved his atelier from Rome to Genoa, many women would journey to Genoa just to buy his creations because no one could equal his collections. In the 's, he finally agreed to make a ready-to-wear line, but his creations were still ultra costly.

Guess those people at Giorgio didn't have a Made in Italy label handy! You DO know Giorgio's And if you know Andrea Odicini you will know the quality. I always loved Ungaro dresses from the 's.

Now I know what designer they were copying. The bodice has a high turtleneck that can be worn up or down I show it both ways with buttons on the side. Long cuffed batwing sleeves. And then, well then comes the unique and wonderful double layered skirt with asymmetrical "scarf".

Check it out from all sides! Excellent condition and the best jacquard fuchsia silk. Labeled Size 42 but that's old sizing. Shoulder pads are gone. Looks great without them!! Compare to Valentino prices today for a silk dress I can't find much about Marldena gowns, but they were around for at least 30 years it seems, so they must have been quite popular! This gown is lovely The entire dress is lined in pellon LOVE the detail rose at the bustline.

The gold metallic thread can look more silver in certain lights, and gold in other lights. Strapless with gathered bodice very Jean Desses! And then the uniqueness of this dress is the black ostrich feathers dangling at lower back skirt!!!!

Now sadly two of these ostrich feathers are missing I just don't have the time You will find tiny holes where those feathers were sewn on Otherwise great condition with just slight pulls in fabric and hem could use a stitch or two. So if I get around to dealing with the feathers myself Because of her innovation and talent, Jo Copeland designs were often copied. Even Ceil Chapman copied this look as I have a Ceil dress with similar raspberry colored trim!

Jo Copeland's quality construction demanded high prices. This is one of the early labels. Black thin silk crepe dress. The entire bodice is covered with black openwork lace, studded with black sequins. The raspberry velvet bodice trim and matching large bow. There is one sequined button missing I would just replace the top button with something similar. I confess I have a weakness for Givenchy.

Probably partly due to the association with Audrey Hepburn from way back. But whatever it is that draws me to them.. This is not the cheaper Nouvelle Boutique ready-to-wear line. Nearly black heavy cotton pique sundress with open back just closed with three bows snapped into place. White and green stylized daisy print. I've lightened some of the photos so you can see the tailoring. I still may decide to keep this dress for myself Sweet dress that looks much more expensive than it is!

You can tell only from looking at the interior that this was a middle-of-the-road department store dress. Like a Lilli Diamond if you know your vintage labels. Unfortunately the original label is gone. All that's left is a portion of the Workers Union label and little piece of the original paper label. Excellent condition on the exterior. The interior is discolored as you see doesn't show to the exterior Love the wrap pleated collar which skims over the shoulder.

There is a whisper of a sheer black silk organdy over black silk The original net crinoline comes with it, but it was just pinned in. You can sew on if you want. Looking at it from afar you really wouldn't guess it was leather. And certainly wouldn't guess it was black velvet flocked leather, but get close enough and you will swoon!

LOVE the empire tailored waistline, the high collar and the notch at back collar, the cuffed sleeves, the lovely black braided buttons, slight peplum at the back. Just give me a simple black pencil skirt and killer heels and there is nothing classier, nor more rich looking.

What Giorgio Armani is all about. The best of the best. Shown on the mannequin of 35" bust, 25" waist. It just fits her bust. You might want to be under 35" bust for comfort. I put the word "classic" in quotes Always architectural in style, Mugler's fashions are destined for museums. I have a Mugler white jacket in my closet that I will not part with!

You may feel the same way! Mugler suits originally sold for thousands of dollars. This Mugler suit is of a very lightweight wool labeled peignee

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