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Lydiard Park was purchased by the Swindon Corporation in and today it continues to be owned and managed by Swindon Borough Council. Dictionary Entries near park paritor parity parity bit park Park parka park and ride. The total surface distance is approx kms.

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Royal Vale is a new luxuriously developed caravan park set in the heart of the Cheshire countryside. The beautiful landscaped park is easily accessed from the M6, and stands just off the A50 at Allostock, midway between the old market town of Knutsford and the historic village of Holmes Chapel.
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Royal Realty is a real estate company situated in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South specialise in property in Johannesburg, Lenasia and the surrounding areas. Take your time to browse through our online property listings, but if you cannot find the property you are looking for on our website, give us a call and we will help you find the property of your dreams.

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Our nation is known for miraculous variety of geographical features that stretches from dense forests, frozen glaciers, fertile valleys, deserts and palm trees sprinkled over silvery beaches. That is why India is fascinating and has provoked many writers to pen their perceptions towards the glorious and rich heritage of the nation.

Apart from these India's wildlife has been the subject of many other tales like Jakarta and Panchtantra. The vast wildlife territory of India has had a sober impact on the surroundings and culture. To preserve and protect these natural resources - government of India has established many dedicated national parks and wildlife sanctuary where they can live and flourish without affecting us. Sundarbans National Park is among them. Let us have a virtual tour to world's biggest mangrove forest with us.

At least once we should visit this natural heaven. The excursion to the Sundarbans National Park is a perfect fusion of wildlife, dense forest, bird watching. Apart from this one can learn the varied custom and culture of the local people. This wondrous land has a extent over 10, square kilometers covering some parts of India and Bangladesh.

The Sundarbans notified as a national park by government of India on 04th May and become the designated kingdom of the world famous Royal Bengal Tigers. At present this adventurous land is home to tigers and variety of chirping birds, reptiles and numerous invertebrate including crocodiles.

If you wish to learn about the biodiversity of this area rather than seeing tigers only, then you are warm welcomed to the magical land of tiger worship. Sundarbans National Park enjoys the status of world's largest mangrove forest and one of the most biologically suitable for all natural ecosystems. In due course of time it has been nominated by government of India as Ramsar site: It is the only mangrove forest in the world which is the habitat of tigers. And today the park has the highest population of tiger in the world.

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We also supply printers and repair printers. P lease click HERE for awesome specials! This should facilitate the return of wildlife and natural vegetations, including the Florida panther. The administration has also restored over 3, acres of floodplains along the Kissimmee River.

This thirty year program got off to a slow start, but has been accelerating in recent years. Gasparilla Island State Park is among the top ten most visited state parks in Florida. Nearly , people visited this location in , which has nearly 5, feet of beachfront. The waters around Gasparilla Island are known for their sea life, and many prominent anglers have come to the Boca Grande Pass to fish for tarpon.

Another draw for this state park is the Boca Grande Lighthouse. It was rededicated in and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Park rangers at Gasparilla Island State Park serve in a number of roles that help the park function smoothly. Among the most important is the interpretive role in which rangers explain the history of the island and its natural resources to visitors.

Park rangers at Gasparilla Island State Park do everything from conducting repairs at the park and maintaining the buildings and equipment to protecting nesting wildlife from humans and other types of predators. They are very effective at working with other people ranging from park service specialists to the many volunteers that give interpretive talks to visitors. Managing the natural resources of Gasparilla Island State Park is an important aspect of park ranger jobs at this park.

The rangers work in partnership with staff from other agencies, local governments, and the private sector. Protecting Animals in the Park — A number of animals nest at Gasparilla State Park, and their eggs and young are easily disturbed. Park rangers work to protect the following types of animals:. The rangers employ a number of types of strategies to protect these animals. They range from law enforcement to establishing signs.

Efforts have been underway to remove the following types of plants:. This is done with the following methods:.

The park rangers lead beach walks and describe the natural and cultural history of Gasparilla State Park. They coordinate the efforts of volunteers who carry out interpretative programs. They provide the following types of programs:.

Located 55 miles north of Tampa, Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park has several claims to fame that make it one of the most popular attractions in the region. This park has some spectacular examples of Florida wildlife, including both wild manatees and those that reside at the park.

One unique feature of Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park is an underwater observatory for viewing these manatees. The park also has a 1,foot wildlife walk that showcases many of the animals that are indigenous to the area. Visitors can view cougars, bobcats, bears, otters, and a large variety of birds. In addition to plants and animals that are native to Florida, a famous hippopotamus lives at Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park and is very popular with visitors.

Lu celebrated his 50 th birthday in This hippo had starred in television and movie roles and ended up in Homosassa Springs as part of the Ivan Tors Animal Actors troupe that used to winter at the park. The Florida Park Service had planned to move all of the exotic species elsewhere when it purchased the park in Public support for the hippo led Governor Chiles to grant an exemption for the animal in and officially declare Lu to be a Florida citizen.

In addition to providing law enforcement services to protect the natural resources and visitors of Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park, its park rangers play an important role in educating its visitors.

Even before visitors have reached the wildlife park, rangers introduce them to the park and the Florida Park Service. Both rangers and volunteers present educational programs at the park every day of the year.

Manatees — Rangers or volunteers offer programs on the endangered manatees three times a day at Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park. In addition to lecturing about the history of these animals, the rangers show manatee bones and tracking equipment. The park partners with the following agencies to rehabilitate injured and orphaned manatees:. Wildlife Encounters — Rangers offer this program twice a day.

They introduce a native Florida species and then discuss its range, role in the ecosystem, and diet. This can include one of the following types of animals:. Alligators and Hippopotamus — Once a day, park rangers discuss the biology and history of the American alligator.

They are experts on resource management in Florida and implement wildlife management plans. In particular, these park rangers must be experts in the biology of manatees, since Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park plays a pivotal role in rehabilitating injured animals of this type. Keeping detailed records about the care of wildlife in the park is another aspect of the jobs of park rangers. The state of Florida requires a number of forms on a wide range of subjects, and the rangers must be knowledgeable about them.

The park rangers at Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park also supervise the volunteers that help with many aspects of running the park. Honeymoon Island State Park had the greatest number of visitors of any state park in Florida for seven years in a row. Originally known as Hog Island, the island was named Honeymoon Isle in when a developer built bungalows thatched with palms for honeymooners.

Today, only remnants of these bungalows remain. Visitors enjoy swimming, fishing, and snorkeling in the warm Gulf waters, and the area is a favorite with shell collectors, as the Gulf currents bring a tremendous variety of shells to the beaches.

In addition, the park provides several nature trails and areas for observing the wide variety of shorebirds that come to Honeymoon Island State Park. Educating the public is one of the key activities of the park rangers that work at Honeymoon Island State Park. Job duties range from providing indoor activities for children at the Nature Center to leading walks along the beach that examine the following natural resource topics:.

Park rangers at Honeymoon Island State Park work closely with scientists from other agencies to implement the long-term management goals of the Division of Parks and Recreation. One of the primary goals for Honeymoon Island State Park is to eradicate invasive exotic plants. While this is a problem throughout Florida, particular issues that rangers face in this park include the following types of invasive plants:.

Many types of ecological communities in Florida have evolved to respond to periodic fires. Rangers work with staff from the Division of Forestry of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to implement prescribed burns.

These burns are followed by efforts to replant the areas with native vegetation. Planting is the sole effort that park staff undertake in communities that have not evolved with fire. Protecting the nesting and resting sites of shorebirds is a key task for park rangers in Honeymoon Island Park.

This issue is of particular importance, since birds overwinter on some of the high-use beaches. Park rangers use a combination of educational and law enforcement approaches to protect these birds. These rangers also use their law enforcement powers to enforce the protection of archaeological sites and their artifacts from crimes such as vandalism. While the park has tropical hammocks and mangrove swamps, most visitors come to see the coral reefs and their marine life.

Visitors can view them by snorkeling or scuba diving. In addition, the park offers tours three times a day from an air-conditioned boat with a glass bottom. The park rangers of John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park offer a number of interpretive programs, while also working to preserve the natural and cultural resources of the park. This includes protecting marine life and other forms of plants and animals.

One of the official management goals for this park is to provide an interpretive strategy for the park as a whole. This involves educating visitors about the ecology of the Florida Keys, and impacts to it. Park rangers offer programs for visitors on a wide range of natural history and cultural topics about the previous inhabitants of the islands. They offer tours of the reef from the glass-bottom boat and more directly through snorkeling, sailing, and SCUBA tours.

These professionals also offer nature walks along the wild tamarind and mangrove trails. The rangers at this park also serve as law enforcement officers. This involves patrols on the water to encourage safe boating and prevent damage to the fauna and flora of the coral reef.

Park rangers also do their best to discourage humans and predators from disrupting the nesting of least terns. This ranges from preparing reports about the number of visitors, to physically maintaining the facilities at the park, including the concession facility. One of the main cultural resources of the park is the Key Lime Grove.

Park rangers oversee the planting of key limes, avocados, and mangoes to keep the grove viable. Its official title is now Lovers Key Carl E. Park rangers carry out a tremendous variety of roles within Lovers Key State Park. Their most visible is to offer a number of recreational and educational opportunities to park visitors.

They also manage the numerous volunteers that help throughout the park. Providing law enforcement throughout the park, along with administrative services are also important aspects of the job.

Their activities range throughout the year and can include the following:. Park rangers are also responsible for maintaining park grounds and facilities. To do this, they have help from a number of volunteers. Supervising these volunteers is another important job duty performed by park rangers at Lovers Key State Park. One key example of this was the renovation of the Mid Beach Pedestrian Bridge that had fallen into disrepair. Protecting listed species and their habitats is another role of the park rangers in Lovers Key State Park.

They do this by preventing visitors and their pets from disturbing the nesting and wintering of sea turtles and shorebirds. Park rangers use a combination of the following strategies to do this:.

Park rangers also work with the staff of other federal and state agencies to meet the long-term goals and objectives of the management plan for Lovers Key State Park. Before the state obtained Lovers Key, the islands were slated for development. In particular, Black Island had been massively dredged. Efforts are underway to restore the five natural communities that used to exist in the park. They include the following:. Eradicating invasive species of plants has been the first priority to restore these habitats.

Park rangers have helped with these efforts. They have mostly succeeded with large-scale eradication efforts against Australian pine. In addition, they have been removing the following types of trees:.

Once these invasive plants have been eradicated, the rangers and their helpers introduce native vegetation into the disturbed areas. They have been highly successful in restoring maritime hammock and coastal strand vegetation. This unique wildlife refuge is adjacent to the John F. Kennedy Space Center and is located on an extensive undeveloped barrier island.

It is the last such area of wilderness on the eastern coast of Florida. The mild climate of Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge enables many subtropical and temperate plants to intermingle, providing habitats for a large number of wildlife species.

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