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Magazine to leather industry. ILM provides market information on the tanning industry focusing on meat packers and hide traders, tannery suppliers and leather end-users such as small and large international retail brands and OEMs.

PrimeAsia sources wet-blue from audited animal welfare suppliers 16 October,

Leather Double Magazine Pouch. Brass hardware, copper rivets for long life. Dated with Manufacturers markings matching the original. Patterned directly from the original.
a comprehensive study on the future development of the world leather and leather products industry, astudy that would cover demand, technology, production, and trade. Consequently, the UNIDO study.
Feb 26,  · ClayB--I know this is a really old topic, but thanks for the history lesson on The Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal. I just purchased 'the estate' of an old leatherworker, which included 8 or 9 carved leather magazine binders with a bunch of older 'Make it With Leather' magazines.
Feb 26,  · ClayB--I know this is a really old topic, but thanks for the history lesson on The Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal. I just purchased 'the estate' of an old leatherworker, which included 8 or 9 carved leather magazine binders with a bunch of older 'Make it With Leather' magazines.
Leather International is the leading magazine for tanners and leather manufacturers. It contains in-depth features and reports as well as all the latest news from around the world. Founded in , Leather International is firmly established and a trusted industry resource.
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World Leather magazine, Liverpool. 1, likes · 18 talking about this · 1 was here. World Leather is the world’s leading magazine for the leather.

Demand for this book continues and the new edition includes new chapters covering developments in the last decade of the methodology in modern leather production. It also includes important technical details of older classic machines still in current use.

The book includes a practical selection of engineering data handy for tannery technical and production personnel, and an overview of rawhide preservation equipment.

A large number of illustrations of machines and their mechanisms support the text. The translations provided by Google Translate are automated and therefore might not be accurate and may contain incorrect, offensive or misleading language. We offer this facility as a guide only. Click here to access. Receive twice-weekly news update by email. View blogs, podcasts and Nothing to Hide. Click here to register. Access to all news content.

Weekly ezine - leatherbiz weekly , which includes exclusive Leather Pipeline reports. Access to online technical archive of downloadable PDFs. It properly starts with an analysis of the foot, its structure and changing size and shape through life, and then follows every step on the way from choosing the right materials and designs, to completing the finished footwear.

Tannery of the Year Awards Book The Tannery of the Year book features in-depth surveys providing an insight into the business, social and environmental practices that leading tanners around the world are employing. They also highlight tannery innovations which could be of major technical and commercial importance to your own business.

The third programme of Tannery of the Year began in May , with candidates and finalists already named for two of the five regions, Europe and the Americas. The list of nine shortlisted tanneries from Europe, from which two finalists for the third programme have come were in alphabetical order:. After Europe, the programme moved to the Americas. The list of candidates there contained the names of eleven excellent leather producers in a range of countries throughout the Americas, from which two finalists emerged to compete in the final.

In-depth reports on the work of both tanneries appeared in the August—September issue of World Leather and both went forward to take part in the final. After the Americas, the attention of Tannery of the Year turned to China, followed by Africa and then the fifth of the regions, Asia excluding China, at the start of Owing to an unsettled situation in important tanning regions, particularly in North Africa, in and , there was only one finalist for Africa in the third programme, Seton AutoLeather, South Africa.

The final of the third programme took place in Hong Kong on March 25, The following tanneries emerged as regional winners. From these five regional winners, PrimeAsia China [16] was named as the global Tannery of the Year for The fourth programme of Tannery of the Year began at the end of calendar year , with Europe the first region to come under scrutiny.

From eleven shortlisted European tanneries, two emerged as finalists: Detailed reports on both these tanneries featured in the December —January edition of World Leather magazine.

Reports on both tanneries appeared in World Leather, February—March, Reports on these two finalists will appear in the April—May, issue of World Leather. The final for the fourth programme took place in Shanghai on September 3, Following this, the judges announced Wollsdorf Leather from Austria as the fourth winner of the Global Tannery of the Year award.

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The August/September issue of World Leather features our second special supplement section of the year. This time, the focus is on the automotive industry. It features comment from Seton AutomotiveLeather, Cartigliano, Bergi, GSC Group, and many more organisations. World Leather introduces ethicaleather, a project to promote leather produced in the most socially and environmentally responsible way possible.4/4(9). Messe Frankfurt France - Better the leather you know: Leatherworld Paris; Zünd - A cut above, for that extra layer of precision; Leather Working Group - Leather Working Group assess the environmental compliance of leather manufacturers.